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Due to the need for the presence of women and the necessity for their harmony, consultation, and solidarity on the one hand, and the problems the Islamic world is facing in the region, especially the direct injustice unleashed against women and children doubly, the need was felt to establish the Global Association of Moslem Women (GAMW) to exchange viewpoints and find practical solutions among the female members of this organization.  

This Association, therefore, focuses on women’s role in the world and its members are from among the Shi’a and Sunni Moslems around the globe, from Moslem and the non-Moslem countries, in accordance with our Letter of Association, drafted in September of 2013 by a number of elite, activist women from Iran and other counties and was ratified by the GAMW Board of Trustees.

The Global Association of Moslem Women (GAMW) is a global, non-governmental, and non-profit organization established to boost the relations and strengthen the participation of the Moslem women in promoting the world peace.