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Product Specifications: Infographics


Subject:Enemies of Islam




 What is arrogance? What are the characteristics of arrogant governments? How arrogance interact with around world so that we call them arrogance? What are the crimes and deceptive behavior they have committed during by which caused nations to hate them? 

"Arrogance Cognition” in infographic, mentions a small part of crimes and oppressions have committed by arrogant governments against their around world so that opens a new window to research more and more in this field.










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دیدگاه های ارسال شده توسط شما، پس از تایید توسط .... در وب سایت منتشر خواهد شد
پیام هایی که حاوی تهمت یا افترا باشد منتشر نخواهد شد
پیام هایی که به غیر از زبان فارسی یا غیر مرتبط با خبر باشد منتشر نخواهد شد