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The Global Association of Moslem Women congratulates the Islamic Ummah on the happy occasion of the birth of Imam Hadi (as).

Al Hasan-bin-Mas'ud related: One day, one of my fingers was hurt, a rider hit me in the shoulder, and a crowd of people caused my clothes to be torn. In this manner, I visited Abul-Hasan Ali-bin-Mohammed (as) and said: Allah protect me against the evil of such an ill-omen day."  Imam Al-Hadi (as) worded: O Hasan, do you accuse the guiltless of your guilt while you are frequently visiting us?"  I then regained my intellect and noticed my flaw; therefore, I said, "O master, I seek Allah's forgiveness."  The Holy Imam (as) said: O Hasan, what was the fault with days that you regard as evil portent while the fact is that you are punished for your own deeds during them?"  I said, "O Son of Allah's Messenger, I seek Allah's forgiveness and declare my repentance against so."  The Imam (a) then added: To dispraise days and regard them as evil portent is useless for you. Allah, however, will punish you for dispraising the days for matters that are out of their control. O Hasan, do you not know that the only rewarder and punisher for the deeds, sooner or later, is Allah?" "I know, master," I said. He (as) then added: Do not repeat it again and do not say that days have any effect in the affairs of Allah.  "I will, master," I said.

 Some of the most memorable and golden sayings of Imam Ali Naqi (as) are:

·       Others will fear him who fears Allah. He who obeys Allah will be obeyed. He who obeys Allah will not care for the dissatisfaction of the creatures. He who enrages the Creator should be sure of encountering the dissatisfaction of the creatures.

·       Allah has made this world for testing while He has made the life to come for receiving the result. He has also made the misfortunes of this world the cause of gaining the rewards of the life to come and made the rewards of the life to come as the compensation for the misfortunes of this world.

·       This world is like a market in which some profited and others lost.

·       Do not expect honesty and purity of intention from someone who has suffered from your malice; do not expect loyalty from one to whom you have been disloyal; do not expect goodwill from someone whom you regard with ill-will: his heart towards you is the same as your heart towards him.