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In an interview with the Global Association of Moslem women, The Tanzanian former Parliament member and member of Bakwata council, Shamim Khan talked about the responsibilities of Muslim women and especially mothers.

 According to this Tanzanian female activist, the parents need to be a Role Model for their children through following the Islamic ethics themselves in addition to talking to the children about right and wrong. Also Qur'an should be read at home to the children with Tafsir so that the children understand the meaning beyond the verses, not just memorize words they do not comprehend.

 Shamim khan mentioned that when we talk about raising children it is important to distinguish among housewives and working mothers because this forms a difficult task for working women who must find time to perform their duties both at work as well as her family and surroundings.

 In regard to working mothers, the member of Tanzania Women Interfaith Network said that we know a housewife who stays at home might have more time to look after her family, but working mothers who come home late and tired have to attend to their families too by finding time because no lame excuses are accepted when it comes to education and it can all be done with good time management.

 Mothers can play their part in raising their loving families abiding by the Islamic ethics. However, this does not mean that the father has no role to play but rather both parents must work hand in hand to raise their families in this dot com era.

 Shamim Khan mentioned social network as another "headache" nowadays globally not only among the younger generation, but also parents including mothers who might neglect their duties towards their families.

 As a solution she suggests showing the kids video-clips on how the health is affected by using computers for long times. The children must be aware that using computers for a long time is not only harmful for the eyes but also the harmful rays can cause cancer.

 According to Shamim Khan is vital to recognize that education is an ongoing process and we need to keep studying and expand our religious and scientific knowledge.

 It should be mentioned that Shamim Khan is a member in the executive committee of Tanzania Women Interfaith Network and a retired politician and parliament member. She is one of the few women in Tanzania who had the chance to receive higher education and have management role and is currently supervising the section of women in Bakwata council. This council is active throughout Tanzania and has about 700 active Sheikhs. It supports 2800 mosques, 20 high schools, 2 teacher training centers, 2 technical colleges, and one radio station and different scientific schools. Since 1990 Bakwata activated environmental activists too.



Global Association of Moslem Women