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•Participation and giving lectures in international conferences in Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Tunisia

•Sponsoring training workshops titled ‘Living Expertise’ in Afghanistan, and Indonesia

•Scientific meetings in Indonesia, Pakistan and Iraq

•Dispatching some Association members for participation in conferences on various occasions in India, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia

•Participation in International Peace and Justice 

Conference in India

•Participation in Women’s Role in Society Conference in India

•Cooperation in Sponsoring the Tehran International Qur’anic Researcher Women’s Conference

•Cooperation in Sponsoring the First Tehran International Women Reporters in the Islamic World 

•Participation in the International Conference of Islamic Society, Cultural Identity, and Attraction Policy, in Greece Science and Research Institute in the presence of thinkers and intellectuals from Greece, Iran, Pakistan, and Egypt

•Cooperation in Sponsoring the International Conference on Piety and Islamic Dress Code, Hijab, in Tehran

•Cooperation in Sponsoring the First Islamic Awakening Conference, in Tehran

•Holding The World Association of Moslem Women Conference on September 6, 2013, in the presence of Ayatollah Araki and elite women from the Islamic world and the non Moslem counties, Britain, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Guinea  Conakry, Sri Lanka, Australia, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bahrain, Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Senegal, and Canada.

•Sponsoring the Grand International Conference on Birth Anniversary of Fatimah (P) The Lady of Mercy, Umm Abiha (P)‘With Proximity Approach’, in the presence of expert women of the Islamic world and the non-Islamic counties, Holland, Iraq, Bahrain, Lebanon, Pakistan, Tunisia, and Kenya.

•Sponsoring the scientific gathering of Artists, titled ‘Moslem Women and Exalted Arts’ in the following topics:

-Pathology in Artistic Fields

-Role of Artist Women in establishment and Sustainability of Islamic Unity

-Indexes of Exalted Arts

-Effective Factors in Threatening Islamic Unity from Arts’ Viewpoint

-Duty of Moslem Artist Woman in Present Day Scenes

•Meeting with Active Women in Social scene in Kuwait

•Meeting with Scholars and Thinkers from Indonesia in University of Tehran

•Establishment of Committees for Governing the Women’s Entire Affairs and the World Association of Moslem Women

A. The Communications and International Affairs Committee

B. The Legal Affairs Committee

C. The Informatics Committee

D. The Training and Research Committee

•Declarations in Condemnation of Buku Haram crimes in Nigeria, published in Iran and abroad

•Declarations on International Qods Day, at Scientific Gathering of Moslem Women and Exalted Arts, in Holy month of Ramadan

•Declarations in Support for Tehran Municipality’s Gender Separation Plan