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The Association aims to:

1.Promoting the culture of proximity and respecting others’ viewpoints

2.Familiarizing the thinker and elite Moslem women of the world with each other and establishing a greater degree of understanding among them in beliefs, and cultural, social, and political fields

3.Using the potential and practical capacities of the active elite thinkers and Moslem women

4. Establishment of harmony among the active women’s organizations of the world by policymaking, and drafting and ratifying of plans and programs for informing the women on the proximity fields

5.Introducing and elaborating the real image of women, the rights and responsibilities of the Moslem women from the viewpoints of the various Islamic schools of thought, and defending the human prestige and the axis status of women, based on the exalted Islamic teachings with emphasis on the axis role of the families, ethics and culture in social developments

6.Introducing the new concepts and viewpoints about relations between the Sacred Islamic faith and the issues related to the Human Rights, cultural diversity, and women’s role in them

7.Strengthening the foundations of the world peace and stability and improving the foundations of the human rights, especially about women




This Association’s objectives are materialized through the following ways:

•Launching applied, specialized and proximity studies and research projects, preparing and devising strategies for participation in implementing and development of joint projects

•Establishment of a non-virtual network of active, dynamic, and influential women in social fields in the international bodies

•Organizing short term training courses, work groups, seminars, conferences and panel discussions aimed at elaborating the realities of Islam on the status of the women’s rights and responsibilities, and materializing the Association’s initial objectives

•Publication of books, magazines and periodicals, drafting film scripts and facilitating the production of documentaries and full length feature films, production of computer software and distributing them among the technicians and experts active in women and family fields, aimed at exchange of ideas and interactions, and elimination of confrontations and disputes

•Emphasizing the need for establishment of charity funds, institutes, companies and institutions active in cultural, financial, legal, tourism, and economic fields, aimed at providing the expenses of the Association, including assisting the financially deprived people



In virtual fields:

•Introducing the prominent women in the world, commemorating them and granting pride medals to them

•Facilitating the public access at global level to the programs and activities of the philanthropist, job creator, activist, elite, and influential women, either the real or legal entities

•Launching competent, virtual and Internet networks to expedite the exchange of opinions and approximation of viewpoints among the Moslem women

•Timely provision and broadcasting of electronic news on elite and Moslem women’s achievement and activities, as well as the organizations related to them

•Establishment of scientific, educational, and training centers, as well as international universities for elite Moslem women

•Encouraging and facilitating the participation of Moslem women in international fields for the establishment, or participation in social networks, including radio-TV  stations and satellite networks aimed at facilitating the achievement of the Association’s objectives